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Lion & Safari Park

1 Day
Car, Van, Bus
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City Tour
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Come and experience Africa’s most incredible wild life by visiting the Lion & Safari Park. The park offers a wealth of exciting activities such as animal interactions and guided game drives. Visitors can explore the animal trails along the banks of the Crocodile River and also be able to have the opportunity to engage with in the experience of hand feeding a selection of animals. Kids will also be able to enjoy themselves in the playgrounds.

Daily Tours

*      Predator Tour

*      Lion Feeding Tour

*      Night Feeding Tour

*      Safari Tour (1.5 Hrs)

*      Mini Safari Tour

*      Safari Tour (3 Hrs)

Private Tours                

*      Alex Tour

*      Lion Walk

*      Cheetah Interaction

*      Giraffe Feed

*      Night Feeding Tour

*      Cub Interaction

Additional information

Daily & Private Tours

Predator Tour (1 Hr),  Lion Feeding Tour (3 Hrs), Night Feeding Tour (1.5 Hrs), Mini Safari Tour (1.5 Hrs), Safari Tour (3 Hrs), Exclusive Private Tour (2.5 Hrs), Lion Interaction/Walk, Cheetah Interaction/Walk, Giraffe Feed (Bag), Alex Tour (2 Hrs)


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